Even if it’s just for a moment you can be a hero too.


One Society has started #frontlinevoucher but we need you to make the difference by donating.


The frontline staff in our hospitals and emergency services are going above and beyond anything that has been required for generations.

They are selflessly working in the cold face of this crisis as our silent heroes while under incredible pressure at incredible risk with untold stress and danger.

One Society wants to help in our little way.

Call/email us and donate any amount you want and we will add 25% more and delivery that value of pizzas to the heroes at the Mater, Rotunda, Temple Street, The Coombe, St James, Blanchardstown & Beaumont Hospitals as well as our other emergency services.


As of May 5th, we have raised €4,350 (or €5,440 worth of pizza’s) in just since March 22nd with donations range from €15 to €600.

You can remain anonymous or ideally, we can tag you in a Social Media post (no individual values mentioned) and then you can share and encourage others to join us.


Donations over the phone after 4pm or via PayPal to the below email.

We now can do by Revolut. Email us for more detail


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